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For thirty five years, Independent Insurance Broker Corporate Planning Consultants has been offering Annuities, Life, Health, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance to both individuals and groups in Yardley, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and beyond.

We have partnered with a Third Party Administrator licensed in fifty states to sell insurance and provide Self-Insured Programs along with many specialized products.

We are creative with Employee Benefit Plans, including Health Insurance designed while keeping in mind the cost effective benefits for both the employer and employee.

More Importantly, We Provide Trust.

We are licensed with many of the finest insurance carriers allowing us the flexibility to customize and personalize insurance products such as Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care and Annuities.

We have a comprehensive team of Legal Experts experienced in Estate Planning, Business Insurance, Insurance Trusts and Retirement Plans. We have an R.N. on our team helping us to access medical exams and expedite medical claims.

We have the ability to offer coverage to clients with adverse health conditions according to their needs.

We guarantee to return your telephone call or email the same or next business day, answering many of your questions immediately. Our clients deserve personal, prompt and quality service and so we have responded. It is what drives our brokerage on a daily basis.

We Conduct Business the Old Fashioned Way.

Life Insurance

is a type of contract where one party agrees to pay an amount specified in the contract to an insurer. That amount will be paid to a beneficiary, chosen by the insured.

Health Insurance

is an extensive term covering various types of insurance relating to the health of individuals. The coverages included are sickness, accident, disability, hospital and medical expenses.

Business Insurance

is very useful in protection of business owners and their dependents for business continuation and for charitable organizations. Primarily, it is a creative way to use Life Insurance.

Disability Insurance

is a type of insurance which provides protection to an individual in the event of illnesses, accidents, injuries or disabilities that cause financial consequences.

Extended Healthcare Benefits

is a type of health policy that provides benefits for an extended period of time on a prepaid basis for necessary care provided by a licensed healthcare provider when the insured has lost.


are designed to provide income to a person while he/she is alive. It is usually the liquidation of a capital sum or an estate. They can provide a systemic disbursement of payments.

Retirement Plans

for individuals and businesses are available to those who wish to set aside funds for their retirement. The types of plans are Tax Qualified Plans such as IRAs, Keogh Plans.

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