Disability Income

Disability Income

What would you do if an accident or illness prevented you from working?  Most of the time, our lifestyle depends on the breadwinner’s income.  Disability Insurance will provide that income if you cannot work due to an injury or illness.

Individual Disability policies are available for people regardless of your occupation.  A Disability Income policy can be designed to meet your needs and budget.

There are several types of Disability Income for individuals:

  • Short Term Disability: Benefits are ongoing if you cannot work for a few months to a few weeks due to covered injury or even childbirth.
  • Long Term Disability: Pays benefits if a covered disability keeps you away from work for a much longer period of time.
  • Individual Disability: If you earn a higher salary or depend on bonuses or commissions, this coverage can protect more of your income.

Many people believe that disabilities are covered by Workers Compensation, but most disabilities are not related to work.

There are several different types of Disability Income for business owners.

  • Business Overhead Expense: It will reimburse business owners so their companies can run smoothly during disability of any of the owners.
  • Business Buy-Sell: It provides money so ownership of company can be transferred should a business or co-owner become disabled.

Some life changes interfere with daily living.  It can create time off from work, income interruption, etc.  Disability Income can pay a portion of lost income with the money being used as needed.

Everyone or every company has different needs to protect lifestyles should you incur unexpected illness or injury.  For an average working person, the risk of suffering significant disability is greater than the risk of death.  It is an unique tool to maintain your income in the event of a disabling event.  You work very hard for the lifestyle you have chosen.  Let your Disability benefits work just as hard for you.